Engine and transmission of Tractor Premium FV517

Efficient and reliable of Tractor Premium FV517: Powerful, reliable engine with simple maintainance at low cost.

Durability built in: Aluminum makes these smooth-shifting transmissions lighter, to improve fuel economy. It also disperses heat more efficiently, making them more durable.

The roof and the hood of Tractor Premium FV517

Built for durable quality: The roof of the cab is galvanized to prevent rusting.

Open for quicker turnaround: The hood pops up of Tractor Premium FV517 to provide easy access to all of the critical items on the routine maintenance check list and save more time.

Spacious & Convenient Cabin of Tractor Premium FV517

Steel Cabin: This rigid all-steel cabin frame of Tractor Premium FV517 protects driver and crew in case of accidents, keeping them out of harm’s way to drive again another day.

Enjoy a smoother ride: The cab of Tractor Premium FV517 is mounted on coil springs that soak up bumps and vibration.

Big windshield designed for visibility. The side mirrors are designed and mounted to enable the driver to see more of traffic behind as well as beside the truck.

The spacious cabin is designed to reduce driver fatigue, keeping the driver alert, fresh and focused, a safer, happier driver.

Power windows Adjustable seat

Steering wheel tilts of Tractor Premium FV517

Collapsible steering wheel: The collapsible steering wheel column reduces the likelihood of severe driver injuries in front-on collisions.

Handy storage compartments: Overhead and center console compartments are not only convenient. They improve safety by reducing distraction.

Safety bars in doors: To provide additional protection in case of side-on collisions, the cab doors are reinforced with safety bars

Easy in, easy out: Steps, grips and wider opening door simplify getting in and out.

Safe with Tractor FV517

No Mitsubishi FUSO truck is delivered to customers without first passing through 11 quality validation gates that are integral parts of the FUSO Product Development System.

(*) Pictures and specifications of Tractor Premium FV517 can be changed in reality.

  • Dimension & Weight
    • OL x OW x OH[mm]

      6.750 x 2.490 x 2.825

    • Wheelbase [mm]


    • Tread Front [mm]


    • After two wheels distance [ mm ]


    • Curb weight [kg]


    • Max. G.V.W [kg]


  • Performance
    • Maximum speed

      104 km/h

    • Possibility of exceeding the maximum slope

      27,5 %

    • The smallest radius of rotation

      6,9 m

  • Engine
    • Model


    • Type

      4 stroke-cycle, water cooled , direct injection, turbo charged diesel engine

    • No. of cylinder

      6 in line

    • Piston displacement [cc]


    • Bore and stroke [mm]

      130 x 150

    • Max. Output (EEC) [ps/rpm]


    • Max. Torque (EEC)[kgm/rpm]


  • Clutch
    • Model


    • Type

      Hydraulic control, coil spring type, single dry plate with air pressure assistance

    • Diameter [mm]


  • Transmission
    • Model


    • Type

      10 forward and 2 reverse speed with air operated shift cylinder for splitter High-Low splitter; Synchromesh gears 2nd to 5th range; Synchromesh gears 1st & Rev. range; Constantmesh gears

    • Ratio

      Low: 9.153 - 4.783 - 2.765 - 1.661 - 1.000, Rev.: 8.105 High: 7.145 - 3.733 - 2.158 - 1.301 - 0.780, Rev.: 6.327

  • Front Axle
    • Type

      Reverse Elliot, “I” beam type 6.500

  • Rear Axle
    • Model


    • Type

      Full floating type, tandem drive with interaxle differential gear and locking device 21.600 kg

    • Ratio


  • Tires and Wheels
    • Model

      Single front/ Dual rear

    • Tire size

      12R22,5 152/148K

    • Wheel size

      22,5x8,25-165-13t, 8 studs

  • Brakes
    • Service

      Full air, dual circuit, wedge type

    • Parking

      Spring loaded type on 1st and 2nd rear wheels by hand control valve

    • Auxiliary

      Exhaust brake

  • Suspensions
    • Dimensions ago

      Laminated leaf springs with shock absorbers 1.500 mm x 90 mm x 13mm – 8

    • Key sizes

      Inverted and laminated leaf spring with trunnion base and radius rod. 1.320 mm x 90 mm x 19mm – 5 1.320 mm x 90 mm x 21mm – 6

    • Size after women

  • Frame
    • Type

      Parallel, tapered channel section type with reinforcements, stiffeners and crossmembers

  • Fuel tank
    • Volume [liters]

      400 liters

  • Cabin (Material/Color)
    • Material/Color

      Steel/ Natural white

  • Seating capacity
    • Seating capacity



Ứng dụng của xe đầu kéo Tractor Premium FV517

Với tải trọng xe hơn 35,5 tấn, Xe tải Canter Fighter 16 SL có thể được sử dụng cho rất nhiều dự án, tuy thuộc vào mục đích kinh doanh của doanh nghiệp. Tractor Premium FV517 – Xe đầu kéo hàng đầu.